ESL: Conversational English & Accent Reduction

Start Communicating Effectively Today

Intensely work to improve your accent and mastery of conversational English. Increase vocabulary, improve grammar and decrease your accent in order to communicate clearly at work, school and in social situations. I’ve worked with many clients from countries around the world, including South Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Iraq, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Poland.

Sessions are fine tuned to each of my clients’ goals and interests. Children are welcome during your session if you can’t find a babysitter!


Build Vocabulary, Sentence Structure, Grammar

Better your understanding of English by learning new vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure, listening skills and more. If you’re new to the country we will work on everyday terms and common dialogue for tasks like going to the post office, buying items for around the house, talking to teachers at your child’s school, shopping, banking and an overall understanding of daily life in America.

I’ve also worked with many children who are learning English for the first time. Our sessions will be packed with different activities that make learning fun!


Listening Skills, Reading Comprehension, Grammar Challenges

Be able to express your thoughts and ideas clearly at work or social situations. Work through the difficulty of finding correct words during conversations. Have the ability to read, write and understand in more detail. Ease your frustrations with practice conversations that are directly related to events in your everyday life.


Accent Reduction, Advanced Vocabulary, Business English

Advanced students are typically well versed in Conversational English, but need to improve in areas like writing skills for drafting professional emails, pronouncing words quickly and correctly during conversations, and broaden vocabulary to an advanced level. I’ll assess your pronunciation of various words to determine areas of improvement.

No matter what level of English you have mastered, I’ll create sessions that serve your specific purpose.

**One-on-One, Private and Informal Lessons… $60/hr per Client

Save Money with Monthly Packages!

I have several references, available upon request.

Call 408-608-8895 or email me at



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