Shannon Moore

I’m an East Coast native who graduated from Eckerd University in St Petersburg, Florida with a B.A. in Psychology. What gives me the greatest satisfaction with tutoring is seeing the light bulb turn on as a student, or ESL client, successfully overcomes a challenge. Confidence is a major factor in academic success. While tutoring students, my priority is not only to polish basic skills, but also to build their confidence, accountability and perseverance.

My kids and I have a unique relationship. When first entering my house they’re shocked to see that I use a wheelchair to get around. I’ve used a wheelchair since I was 8 years old, but was raised to know that although I roll instead of walk, I’m no less than anyone else. Life is what you make of it. There will be challenges that seem impossible to overcome, but with the right encouragement and positive perspective it becomes clear that anything is possible.

This rings true when kids are overwhelmed with academic tasks that seem impossible to grasp. With a little perseverance and direction the light bulb flips on, and they succeed. Kids are amazingly accepting little people who need respect, encouragement and the opportunity to talk freely about the obstacles they experience. Getting good grades goes beyond doing homework or acing a test. I’m happy to be a positive part of a child’s academic foundation.

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