Reading, Writing & Math Enrichment

Enrichment Classes

Brush up on basic skills, fix academic challenges, or push your student to the next level, with unique classes that are designed to enhance understanding and ability in multiple subjects.

Reading and Writing Enrichment Classes

Reading & Book Reports, Annotation, Character Analysis, Write & Illustrate Your Own Book, Essay Writing, Slideshow Presentations, Grammar Exercises, Sentence Structure, Detailed Story Writing, Vocabulary Building, Reading Comprehension, and more.

We’ll work on projects with topics that are interesting to your child. It’s most important to help students retain information and techniques, the easiest way to accomplish this is with topics they’re interested in learning more about. Projects will be assigned and worked on during our sessions, but homework can be given if you want a little extra work time at home.

Elementary, Middle and High School Math

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication Memorization, Division, Word Problems, Fractions, Percentages, Area, Perimeter, Ratios and Proportions, Linear Equations, Slope, Probability, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and more.

Each session will be dedicated to filling in any missing blanks from the previous year, as well as preparing for the next topic in class. Enrichment classes present a perfect opportunity to polish math skills that might have been difficult to comprehend. If a student zones out for even a few minutes in class, he or she might have missed crucial information.

Our students have been from many local schools within the Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, San Jose and Sunnyvale School Districts.

We’ve tutored a wide spectrum of students, and welcome those with an IEP. No matter what challenge your student faces, we will work together to find the best study techniques that fit his/her learning style.

Resume and several local references are available upon request.

One-on-One, Private and Informal Lessons

Enrichment Lessons $55 – $100/hr per student

Save Money with Monthly Packages!

**My rate is always negotiable based upon individual financial circumstances. I believe EVERYONE should have access to academic assistance.

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